Frequently asked Questions

We've tried to capture all the questions you have regarding the Garage Beer Guy website. If you can't find what you need, please email us using the contact page.

How can I build my 360 tour?

360 Panorama is a feature that adds a 360 Panorama Image to the top of your Single Listing page for Professional Listing Plan subscribers. It’s a great added feature to help showcase your brewery. You can use online tools like:  momento360 to create you own VR 260 tour by uploading your panoramic image.

To add your VR 360 video – edit your listing – navigate to the Header section and enter in the VR 360 URL created by Momento360.


We took the step of adding Curbside Pickup and Delivery categories as a listing filter option – use this to find breweries open during COVID-19 in your area.

I see my brewery listed on your site but I didn’t create it.

Thats because we created it. Its a chicken / egg scenario. We can’t sell listing upgrades if we don’t have site traffic – we won’t have site traffic unless we have listings. Just claim your listing and you are in full control.

I just purchased a membership and my listing isn’t updated – WTF?

I’d be concerned as well but don’t worry! We like to manually approve all listings before they go live – this can take up to 12 hours – helps to reduce Russian trolls from posting fake events and free listings.

At a later time will I be able to re-apply for my listing location?

For sure. Find your listing and claim it – select your membership plan and you are good to go – it does take up to 24 hours for your listing to be manually approved.

Do you offer a discount for a yearly membership?

We don’t. Why? Firstly. We believe in working for your monthly membership allowing you the ability cancel anytime if you feel there is no value from your listing. Lastly. We wanted to keep the costing low for everyone – creating a level playing field for those breweries just starting and keeping close eye on cash flow.

If I want to downgrade / upgrade my plan, is that possible?

You can definitely easily upgrade your account at anytime – Login in to your PayPal account and change your subscription plan. We made downgrading a little harder for obvious reasons – Login to your PayPal account and change your subscription plan.

If my paid membership expires, will my location along with my logo display on the map?

Short answer, yes. However; key details regarding your brewery, like contact details – reviews – images – etc will be removed leaving your entry with just a short description and a map location.

Why should I register as a user?

Sharing allows you to save favourite breweries for later as well as leave comments on a breweries listing.